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ABV 57%

Navy Strength Rum has quite a history, way before Norfolk Rum was started in 2020.  Weighing in at 57% ABV, Navy Strength rum was a staple on-board Royal Navy Ships and will make the hairs on the back of you neck stand on end.  The ABV was important as rum was stored on ships in barrels close to the ships supply of gunpowder.   If the rum was hit by an enemies rouge canon ball and the rum was spilt and drenched the ships gunpowder it would still ignite which was important back then.  Later on in 1816 when technology improved and a hydrometer was invented by a man called Bartholomew Sikes, the Navy conducted tests and came to the conclusion that actually rum with the ABV of 54.5% would actually be sufficient to ignite gunpowder.  So the true British Navy Strength is 54.5% but many brands (including ours) are 57%ABV.

Created using our premium scratch distilled rum, this punchy rum looses none of the smoothness, just heightened notes of caramel, sweet treacle and dark fruits and is incredibly sippable.

Please Note that our navy strength rum may contain some sediment, it will normally look like a small amount of silt in the bottom of the bottle however In colder temperatures it may be slightly larger flecks.  This is caused by Fatty Esters which are found in rums of good quality and of higher alcohol content and are harmless.

Recommended Serve

  • 5cl Norfolk Dark spiced Rum
  • 250ml premium ginger beer
  • Half a lime squeezed
  • Ice


Refil Pouch 70cl
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produced and triple distilled entirely in England

Norfolk Rum is made from a selection of the finest botanicals and Norfolk spring water we've strived to create a uniquely Norfolk take on a Caribbean classic. Featuring 100% pure molasses to provide a smooth, sippable rum that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Copper alembic

Triple distilled In England

Entirley produced in the UK using traditional methods. All of our rums are tripled distilled in small batch copper alembics.

100% pure molasses

100% pure molasses

Our 100% molasses produces a well rounded and fuller taste with a smoothness that warms but never burns.


The finest botanicals

Our ingredients are sourced with their story and flavour in mind. Selected to bring you a uniquely Norfolk taste experience.

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"Incredible British rum!"

"Incredible rum, bought as a gift twice now for my Dad who loves spiced rum but is hard to please! Great company with an easy website to use and very quick delivery."

"Fantastic family organisation"

"Fantastic growing family company with a delicious range of Rums. It makes me ask the question why don’t other rums taste as good as NSC..."

"Best rum available, fact!"

"...actually just ordered another bottle from Norfolk Spirit Co. as it was so nice!!! Literally the nicest rum I have had, and the fact it's made locally is an added bonus..."

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"My advice is go and get some immediately! They are all superb."

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"I have had a few bottles of Norfolk Dark Spiced Rum and I can honestly say it is superb! The most recent couple of bottles purchased at the Euston Game and Country Fair..."

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"I’m just sat drinking my Caramel Liquor Rum that I bought for the second time recently, it is absolutely gorgeous..."

"Norfolk made Rum...??? I thoroughly approve."

"Mostly I love all the flavours I have tried so far but I find some simply divine. A bottle will disappear in a night if being shared quite easily...."