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For many years I had claimed that I didn’t like rum, until in the summer of 2017, I was given a taste of a truly remarkable rum that tasted like no other I had tried before. I thought perhaps I had made a mistake and went on to try and sample many more rums, starting a new collection to compliment my growing gin cabinet.

I soon discovered, however, that this was a one-off. Although there were some ‘nice’ rums, none of them could match the flavour I experienced that summer night. After some investigation, I was surprised at how few rums are actually produced in England. The majority have their base rum imported from the Caribbean and then add flavouring locally. Surely there was a better way?

a better way

In May 2020 just as the world was entering a pandemic, the aviation industry that I work in was severely affected and not knowing if I would ever fly again, with the help and encouragement of my partner Helen, Mother-in-law Theresa and our family, set off on an adventure to create a unique rum that is firmly rooted in Norfolk, using the land's unique offerings to flavour a superior base rum.

Our unique approach has produced a rum that never burns but creates a smooth feeling of warmth with every sip. Finally, a rum that can convert anyone that claims "I don’t like rum", just as it did with me on that night in 2017.

Copper alembic

Triple distilled In England

Entirley produced in the UK using traditional methods. All of our rums are tripled distilled in small batch copper alembics.

100% pure molasses

100% pure molasses

Our 100% molasses produces a well rounded and fuller taste with a smoothness that warms but never burns.


The finest botanicals

Our ingredients are sourced with their story and flavour in mind. Selected to bring you a uniquely Norfolk taste experience.

Norfolk Honey Spiced Rum - ABV 40%
A smooth, sweet and seductive blend of rich caramel, split vanilla pods and blossom-fresh Norfolk honey.
£25.00 - £40.00
Norfolk Dark Spiced Rum - ABV 40%
Jam-packed with flavours of cinnamon, christmas cake, cracked caramel, citrus zests, bitter-velvet cacao and smooth Norfolk honey.
£25.00 - £40.00
Norfolk Premium White Rum - ABV 42%
A light and fresh blend, crammed with flavours of dark toffee, brandy-butter christmas cake and juicy raisins.
£25.00 - £40.00