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Nov 11, 2022

What goes in to our rums

We get asked quite often about our rums, how they are made and what ingredients we put into them.  

Firstly - Yes our rums and rum liqueurs are actually made in England.  Its one of the few scratch distilled rums in the UK.  

What does scratch distilled mean - It basically means that it is made from scratch, we don't import rum from the Caribbean and re-blend it to our chosen flavour, the process is started in house using sugar cane molasses.  It’s a more costly and time consuming process but It allows us complete control over the flavour profile of our rums, and ensures they’re smooth enough to be sipped neat.

Sadly, We are unable to find any Norfolk Molasses, they need slightly different conditions to grow than what we have here, so these come from the Caribbean or South America.  East Anglia does have an abundance of sugar beet, However, legally you cant use sugar beet and call it rum.

The Molasses are put in a container with water, yeast and sugar, they are left to ferment for a while.  The time depends on the temperature.

Once this process is completed, you get a rich sticky treacly liquid that is put in the copper stills and triple distilled.  What comes out is our premium white rum - but at a high ABV so its diluted to the required ABV.

Then we add our ingredients in to the rum which produces our desired flavours.  Nothing added is artificial, it's all natural and we try and use as many locally sourced ingredients as we can.