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Nov 11, 2022

Our new rum with a nice level of grunt.

Navy Strength Rum has quite a history, way before Norfolk Rum was started in 2020.  Weighing in at 57% ABV, Navy Strength rum was a staple on-board Royal Navy Ships and will make the hairs on the back of you neck stand on end.  The ABV was important as rum was stored on ships in barrels close to the ships supply of gunpowder.   If the rum was hit by an enemies rouge canon ball and the rum was spilt and drenched the ships gunpowder it would still ignite which was important back then.  Later on in 1816 when technology improved and a hydrometer was invented by a man called Bartholomew Sikes, the Navy conducted tests and came to the conclusion that actually rum with the ABV of 54.5% would actually be sufficient to ignite gunpowder.  So the true British Navy Strength is 54.5% but many brands (including ours) are 57%ABV.

Why is it more expensive than the others? - Simply down to the amount of duty that we pay to the government.  Every Litre of our Navy Strength rum contributes £16.38 to the governments coffers, plus VAT, yes you get taxed on tax.  Is it worth the extra, well we think so.

It is now available to buy online, and as ever, if you sign up to our news letter you'll receive 10% off, but doing worry, we wont spam you.