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Mar 14, 2023

Norfolk Rums TV Debut!!

It was a chance meeting with Andy Clark at the Tom Kerridge’s ‘Pub in the Park roadshows’ that opened the opportunity for our Dark Spice Rum to be featured on TV’s Sunday morning “Love your weekend”.

Professional eater and drinker Andy Clarke is one of the UKs most exciting and vibrant voices in the food and drink industry. Having worked in food, drink and travel television for a number of years, Andy is happiest when communicating his love of all things edible and sippable on telly, through social media and by hoisting actual events – online or in person!

Andy’s background is in producing and directing food, drink and travel TV. His credits include developing and producing 'Saturday Kitchen Live' (BBC1), series producing Both James Martin's French & American Adventures and being responsible for all food and drink on 'Gordon, Gino & Fred: Road Trip' (ITV). He has also recently produced and directed a brand series ‘Rachel Khoo’s Chocolate’ for Discovery Channel/Food Network.

Andy regularly judges for Great Taste Awards, The British and World Cheese Awards and The British Pie Awards amongst many others. His love of wine has led to his judging for the Independent English Wine Awards over the last few years. Andy has hosted many events including The Bristol Good Food Awards at Ashton Gate Stadium, along with fellow food writer Genevieve Taylor, and hosts food and wine matching dinners and seminars around London and in the West Country in conjunction with well-known chefs.

Andy’s role, as a compare of the roadshows, was also to hold cocktail making theatres during the weekend events and as a lover of rum he approached us to see if we would be prepared to supply some ‘bottles’ for his mixes, which of course we were happy to do. As a result we have developed a really good relationship with Andy and out of the blue he called us to say our Dark Spice Rum would be featured on Alan Titchmarsh’s Sunday morning programme, where guests Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen and actress Juliet Mills, with the host, would be sampling it. On taking his first Alan said “I think I’ve been converted to rum”, Juliet declared “this is delicious” and Lawrence, a celebrated gin drinker, said that this was his favourite drink of the day.

 For us it was an amazing experience but then our Dark Spice Rum continues to convert many others due to its smooth and sippable qualities.