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Tue, Jan 31, 23

Introducing Norfolk Rum Coconut Liqueur

We have recently introduced a new liqueur to our range which has turned out to be a bit of a hit.

We have been developing Norfolk Rum Coconut Liqueur for a number of months and we are over the moon with the response that we have received since its launch.

Using our premium base rum, real coconuts are added during the distilling process to give a beautiful creamy flavour, we have added a hint of pineapple and like all our rums and rum liqueurs, we add no artificial flavouring.

It is incredibly versatile.  Perfectly suited for sipping with ice.  It is works nicely with pineapple juice, which we believe is a very similar drink to a Pina Colada just with a lot less calories.

Its available to order online and if you sign up to our news letter then you'll receive 10% off.


Norfolk Navy Strength Rum - ABV 57%
Norfolk Navy Strength Rum - ABV 57%
A stunningly smooth, well rounded full strength rum.
Norfolk Coconut Liqueur - ABV 25%
Norfolk Coconut Liqueur - ABV 25%
An intense Exotic Liqueur using our premium white rum and creamy coconut, with a hint of Pineapple.
£32.00 - £35.00
Cherry & Chocolate Liqueur - ABV 25%
Cherry & Chocolate Liqueur - ABV 25%
Voluptuous morello cherries, with a tart yet sweet flavour, perfectly paired with rich, seductive chocolate makes this a truly Devine original liqueur.