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Norfolk Rum - Premium White bottle bottom.

Honey & Vanilla + Dark Spice Rum

40% ABV

Enjoy both our Honey & Vanilla and Dark Spiced Rum for just £70.

Our Honey & Vanilla is simple, yet complex, this signature rum is combined with Norfolk honey and vanilla to make a remarkably smooth drinking experience, heightened with gentle notes of caramel.

Our Dark Spice rum combines notes of cinnamon, vanilla, burnt caramel and orange all brought together with rich Cocoa and finished with smooth Norfolk honey.

Both of these small-batch rums have been triple distilled in copper alembics, using 100% molasses and the finest Norfolk inspired botanicals.


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Honey & Vanilla + Dark Spice Rum

40% ABV

produced and triple distilled entirely in England

Norfolk Rum is made from a selection of the finest botanicals and Norfolk spring water we've strived to create a uniquely Norfolk take on a Caribbean classic. Featuring 100% pure molasses to provide a smooth, sippable rum that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Copper alembic

Triple distilled In England

Entirley produced in the UK using traditional methods. All of our rums are tripled distilled in small batch copper alembics.

100% pure molasses

100% pure molasses

Our 100% molasses produces a well rounded and fuller taste with a smoothness that warms but never burns.


The finest botanicals

Our ingredients are sourced with their story and flavour in mind. Selected to bring you a uniquely Norfolk taste experience.

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